About us

Our history

Life brought us together in dribs and drabs and through different contexts until we realized that we had a common goal: to bring our audience into the artistic process, breaking through the classical concert format and experimenting through collaborations with artists from other fields. That is how a project was born, which later developed into the interdisciplinary music-based collective that we currently are.

Zoom meetings are our vitamine and we have been using our studies locations as an excuse to travel for months. We love board games and are on our way to found our own Gastronomic Society.

This is essentially the most interesting facts about us but, if you are interested, you can also check who we have studied with, where we have played and other professional details in the following link: [link a un pdf con nuestro currículum profesional]


I was born in Madrid and unlike many musicians, I started my musical studies quite late: at the age of 16! I actually wanted to be a scientist before that. Quite the drastic change… Fully getting into the music world made it my passion. I studied at the UAX, continued with a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Music in Munich, and am now undertaking a second Master’s degree in Cultural Management. I’m interested in the combination of music, audiovisual content and new technologies.

Besides Performing Arts, I love sports, technology and good food.


Though I consider myself to be from Palencia, Haro and Bilbao equally, my music life began in Haro. When I was only 4, the cat from Peter and the Wolf introduced me to the clarinet, and here we are at 22! I studied my Bachelor’ and Master’s Degree in Performing Arts of Music at the UAX and now I undertake my Master’s Degree in Contemporary Music in Gent. My own conception of music has always been closely related to the exploration of narrative within sound. That is why I have always been interested in theater, language and its relationship with music. All this within a plane of experimentation and the continuous search for innovation.

Besides playing clarinet, I write music and love theater, cooking and climbing mountains.


Sax player, performer and improviser residing in Gent, Belgium. My main interests are experimenting and investigating sounds through composer-performer collaborations and developing interdisciplinary projects.

Insatiable coffee drinker and Spanish film lover. I constantly quote The Simpsons and, indeed, I do play the saxophone thanks to Lisa.

Ana Carmen

At the age of 8 I chose the violin though I had been raised amongst pasodobles and manchegas. Several years and moves later, I ended up studying in Madrid and Leipzig, where I was lucky enough to learn from wonderful people who made me the musician I am today. That is the reason why communicating, listening and experimenting are my motives as an artist.

I love tea, reading and “creative” cooking, though nothing beats the satisfaction of peacefully sleeping anytime, anywhere.