Espacios Liminales

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About the project

Category: Espectáculos

espacios liminales is a multidisciplinary show that combines music, literature, theater and audiovisual projections; a sensory journey for the viewer whose common thread are the verses of Poet in New York by Federico García Lorca.


From lat. liminaris
1. adj. Pertaining to or relating to the threshold or the entrance between something that has gone and something that is about to arrive.
2. adj. That is neither in one place (physical or mental) nor in another.

Like Virgil in Dante’s Divine Comedy, Federico García Lorca proposes to his readers a symbolic journey from an inner hell to salvation through the creation of wild images in one of his most superb works: Poeta en Nueva York.
Liminal Spaces delves into this question in praise of this “journey”, turning music into words and words into a metamorphic sonic journey full of contradictory sensory experiences, taking the audience to a liminal plane where meaning and signifiers are blurred. A tribute to the senses and a reflection on the dilemma of perception and the exaltation of subjectivity.


Iñaki Marcos Bueno (2000*)
espacios liminales (2022)
for violin, clarinets (bass, Bb and A), saxophones (soprano and baritone), set of objects for a writer and three actor-narrators.


Music, concept and scenography: Iñaki Marcos Bueno (2000*)

Texts: Poeta en Nueva York (1929-1930) de Federico García Lorca (1898-1936)

Duration: ca. 60′